We offer volunteer opportunities in these areas:

• Feral Cat Feeders

• Trappers

• Foster Parents

• Transporting Cats For Spay/Neuter

• Grant Writers/Fundraisers

• Relocation

Anyone interested in volunteering or who want more information can contact us at

marinferals@yahoo.com or at 415-246-9162.


Feral Cat Feeders

Volunteers help feed colony cats with food provided by Marin Friends of Ferals (MFF). Cats are fed once
a day and generally receive kibble, canned food and fresh water. Feeding times are flexible but done
preferably before noon so no food is left after dark, which may attract wildlife.

Volunteers also monitor the colony for signs of illness so, if necessary, those cats can be retrapped for veterinary


Trapping generally takes place when ferals are most active: early morning or around dusk. MFF will train
trappers on how to use walk-in traps and drop traps. Volunteers will accompany another trapper until
comfortable going alone. Trappers should have a vehicle large enough to hold a couple traps; a small SUV
or station wagon works well. Volunteers transport captured cats to Marin Humane where the animal will
await spay/neuter.

Foster Parents

MFF trains foster parents in how to socialize feral skitties (shy kitties). We and Marin Humane supply foster
parents with everything needed to bring a skitty into their home. Socializing takes anywhere from a week
to a month or more, depending on the kitten. Once the kitten is socialized to people, it will be put up for

adoption at Marin Humane.

Check out our Socializing Feral Kittens section to learn how it’s done (currently under construction).

Transporting Cats for Spay/Neuter

Ferals going to a veterinary clinic in Marin for spay/neuter generally need to arrive by 8:00 a.m. Cats being
transported to SF SPCA or Forgotten Felines in Santa Rosa need to arrive by 9:00 a.m. Cats scheduled for
surgery are picked up at Marin Humane where an animal tech will have the cats waiting in transfer cages.

Generally the cats are ready for pickup anywhere between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Transporters can
volunteer for both pick-up and drop-off or just one leg of the transportation.

Grant Writers/Fundraisers

MFF relies on donations, grants and fundraising to help residents with feral cats in and around Marin.
Volunteers experienced in the area of grant writing or fundraising are always needed. There are many
grants available for animal rescue-related nonprofits that would greatly impact our ability to help even
more animals. Although not difficult, grant writing is time-consuming and requires a good understanding
of how MFF operates (our mission statement, goals and objectives, etc.). MFF is happy to supply any
needed materials in this endeavor.


When a feral cat is not able to return to its previous outdoor home, it is relocated to a new one. Volunteers
assist in transporting tables, cages and other equipment needed for the 3-week holding period before the
cats are released. It is heavy work with a lot of lifting and carrying of equipment, so strong bodies are needed.
Set up takes around 1 1/2 hours and breaking down the relocation is about an hour. An SUV or large vehicle
is required in order to fit all the supplies.




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