Our Mission

Since 2005, Marin Friends of Ferals has been helping Marin County feral cats. To date (September, 2017) we have rescued 2546 feral cats for TNR. Of those, 788 kittens have been adopted through Marin Humane and 426 ferals have been relocated to new outdoor homes.



Spay/Neuter Through TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return)

Feral cats are humanely trapped, spayed & neutered, tested, vaccinated, micro-chipped and eartipped, then returned to their original location.


Colony Management Through Volunteer Feeders and Trappers

We recruit volunteers to help with daily feedings of Marin-based colonies. Colony caretakers from Sausalito to Dillon Beach receive food supplied by MFF and all colonies are given shelters. When new colonies are identified, volunteers use traps supplied by MFF in implementing TNR. When signs of illness are present, those animals are trapped to receive veterinary care.


Foster Colony Kittens and Socialize Adoptable Cats

Volunteers foster feral kittens under 12-weeks-old. With human touch and care, kittens are socialized and eventually adopted into permanent homes.


Identify and Place Career Cats

Cats deemed too feral for adoption and unable to stay at their current outdoor homes are relocated to backyards, ranches, farms, horse stables, etc. for rodent control. MFF supplies everything needed for the 3-week holding period while the cats adapt to their new outdoor home. Once they are released, you take responsiblity for their care by providing shelter, daily food, water and vet care whenever needed. There is no adoption fee for Career Cats. (More information is available under Career Cats on our menu above.)


Raise Public Awareness About the Plight of Marin’s Stray and Feral Cats Through Education

We provide instruction to the public on TNR and how to manage a feral cat colony through personal demonstrations. We loan traps, teach people trapping techniques, distribute pamphlets and other educational materials to residents on how to co-exist with ferals. For those who request help, we assist them with trapping.

We also work with homeowners and property managers in providing humane solutions for ferals living on their property.


Raise Funds to Offer Public Assistance With the Cost of Spay/Neuter and Assist with Providing Food for Colony Caretakers

Fundraising is paramount to our existence. With these donations, MFF buys cat food, traps, feeding stations, shelters, veterinary care and most importantly, low-cost spay/neuter packages through Marin Humane and various veterinarians in and around Marin.



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